Rodi Motor Services:
A new bold strategy and identity

that redefines the meaning
of a car garage

What we did

Brand Strategy


Interior & Environmental




Art direction


Rodi, the leading chain of more than 150 integral car servicing centres across Catalonia, Aragon and the Canary Islands, understood that it was time for mechanics workshops to meet design; despite having been two areas that had historically turned their backs on each other, at least in Spain. So they decided to start by approaching us to completely revamp the Rodi brand. 

From brand strategy, visual identity, signage and interior design to the new communication guidelines, we worked on every detail of Rodi’s new brand identity. 

On the strategic side, we shifted the focus from tyre fitting (their origin) to integral mechanical assistance and repair. Rodi now became Rodi Motor Services, making a clear statement about what the business had become and how it could help people.

Clarity and boldness are the two concepts that guided the whole visual identity process, aiming to make the centres more visible in the urban landscape and to transmit the professional and technological capacities of each centre.

Interior & environmental: Intsight

A shift in the strategy led to the need of a new identity: Rodi moved from wheels to motor services, and that needed to be said loud and clear.

The interior design of the workshops was an important element in communicating the values of the new brand. A design that conveys the feeling of a solid and technical brand, but at the same time a brand that is approachable.