Simple. Inspiring. Relevant.

espluga+associates is a Barcelona-based branding, design and communications agency helping businesses to create and define meaningful brands and connect them with people in a simple, compelling and relevant way, rising above the noise. 

By integrating creativity into strategy, we find, develop and enhance each brand’s essence, creating an entire language where the brand reveals its potential. We make brands work through engaging stories and positive experiences. 

We won’t fool you, there’s no magic spell that works equally for everyone. As every brand is unique in its own way, we believe in a case-by-case adapted approach to successfully overcome the challenges of each project. 

But no matter what we’re working on, our core values are always our main drivers: empathy, curiosity, creativity and team work constantly fuel our work processes and lead us to relevant, innovative and lasting outcomes.

10 facts about
e+a was founded in 1992. Since then, we’ve worked on more than 500 projects. We are proud to say, without any shadow of a doubt, that we know what we’re doing pretty well. Experience check box: tick!
We have won more than 100 (106 to be exact) national and international awards in categories as diverse as naming, identity, packaging and advertising. We gained the first back in 1992, and the last one just this year. We’re grateful that clients and colleagues have been appreciating our work non-stop for almost 30 years.
We have worked on projects for brands located in the United States, Portugal, Russia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Argentina, Switzerland, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. And this experience has made us discover that in every country we speak the same language, with fresh and innovative ideas and bold concepts.
From small start-ups to huge corporations, we’ve worked with a wide range of companies and organizations. Size doesn’t always matter. Each project has different challenges and overcoming them is what we do best. Click here to view our full list of clients.
Each project offers a great chance to learn and share our ideas with people, teaming up closely to create the best possible outcome together. This way of approaching our work has led to long-lasting relationships with clients. The maths here are simple: the longer we work together, the more we know about their business and the better solutions we find.
We have worked on projects related to Technology, Banking, Retail, Food and Beverages, Sports, Healthcare, Cosmetics, Arts & Culture, Fashion, Real Estate, Hospitality, Public sector, Education… and we might even be forgetting a few. We’ve got to admit it: we love variety, it nurtures our spirit of curiosity and ensures that we always stay sharp when working on a project.
We’re a close-knit team with expertise in brand strategy, communications, graphic design and content creation. We don’t have any nuclear physics graduates in our core team, but we know some if we ever need them.
We believe that together we’re happier, stronger and wiser, that’s why we are part of the Spanish Branding Association (AEB), The Arts and Design Promotion Private Association (adg|FAD), the International Branding Association (IBA) and Barcelona Tech City.
We’ve got some personal heroes who can give more clues about who we are. Here they are, listed in no particular order: Tony Stark, Alan Moore, Hedy Lamarr, Alf, Stephen Pastel, Carrie Fisher, Raymond Roussel, Jane Austen, Son Goku, Elio’s mum & James Bond.
We’re not too shy to say that we’ve got Barcelona’s coolest and nicest office space, and that’s a fact. Pay us a visit to see it for yourself. 🙂