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Redefinition of the strategy, identity and communication for Muy Mucho, a home decor chain with more than 50 shops in Europe and Asia. 

Muy Mucho sells nicely curated home decoration and houseware products at a fair price, but it was perceived as a cheap bazaar. Our work aimed to shift this image, turning Muy Mucho into a space where quality, good taste and price meet.

The brand strategy aimed to empower the consumer, letting people know that you don’t need to spend a fortune to live in a place you love and feel proud of. Muy Mucho suddenly became a place to discover affordable treasures. “Nice things at a good price” was the mantra that guided the project and informed our decisions.

Since there are more than 1,500 products on display in the stores, packaging was a key feature to communicate the values of the new brand. Muy Mucho’s new packaging focused on the quality and coolness of the product, while the in-store communication made it clear that these were inexpensive items.

Laus Bronce. Identidad Corporativa Grandes Empresas
Laus. Línea de pack gran público
Wina Festival 17. Design / Branding
European Awards. Packaging

A logo doesn’t need to carry the weight of all the communication; it’s just a small part of a larger, coordinated effort. But for brands like Muy Mucho, where the logo is displayed on thousands of products and labels, it has to be an effective bearer of the brand’s values.

For a home decor brand with more than 1,500 products displayed in their shops, packaging is a key communication tool. Simplicity, elegance and clean lines helped not only to bring order to the shelves, but also add value to the product and the brand.

Finding a natural way to relate with people is the best way we can think of to create an effective communication strategy. Muy Mucho’s “nice products at affordable prices” strategy was the starting point for creating a campaign to empower people to bring change to their lives without needing to spend a lot of money.