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This project started with an entrepreneur’s passion for gastronomy. He dreamt of creating a new space devoted to the two things he enjoyed most: chocolate and cooking. 

Our involvement in the project began at a very early stage with the definition of a comprehensive brand strategy, setting an open and creative framework. This allowed us to take a 360º approach to creating the brand, working on everything from the naming, visual identity and verbal identity to packaging, retail, website, communications strategy and social media branding.  

The outcome of the brand platform was a brand concept around the idea of creating a “chocolate kitchen”, a place where chocolate can reach its maximum expression, bringing together moments of enjoyment, experimentation and discovery in a single space. Much more than a chocolate shop, we wanted to create a hub for chocolate lovers, part lab and part Willy Wonka’s lost paradise.

The experiment was so successful that it didn’t take long to grow from one to six shops in Barcelona, always with new and exciting products using chocolate in creative and surprising ways. In terms of recognition, chök has been awarded on several occasions in brand design and packaging categories.

Sometimes dreams become projects, and projects turn into businesses, and businesses into solid brands. Which is chök in a nutshell.

Best Pack. Best Branding. Corporate Identity. Bronce
Best Awards 18. Best Branding. Packaging. Oro
Wina Festival 18. Design / Food / Packaging. chök
Retail & Environmental design: Intsight
Photography: Mireia Rodríguez, Intsight
Video: White Mirror Studio

The secret of the chök brand is balance, allowing us to communicate in an over-saturated context. Our mix for chök includes a cool and apparently minimal visual identity that supports a playful and fun tone of voice and messages; a basic approach to packaging that always has a trick up its sleeve to keep people on their toes; a modern retail interior design that is also cosy and welcoming.

Packaging is one of chök’s most active and versatile embassadors, carrying the brand’s spirit outside the shop and into people’s lives. A donut can be a present? Yes, only if the donut’s amazing and the packaging tells its story.

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