Refreshing a classic 

in kids fashion

What we did

Visual Identity




Interior & Environment

Boboli is a market leader with more than 35 years’ experience creating kids’ fashion. The company’s exponential growth has taken it to more than 65 countries worldwide, with over 150 shops. 

But Boboli knew that the brand needed an update to match its international presence and to reflect its unique personality and refreshed product portfolio. We were set the challenge of developing a brand as fresh, modern and positive as Boboli’s approach to fashion.

The project required a 360º approach, starting by redefining the brand strategy and rolling out key elements such as the visual identity, a complete packaging redesign and a major revamp of the retail interior design.

Interior & Environment: Intsight

Our main challenge was to make a perceptible change while respecting the brand’s origins. Boboli’s previous logo featured two prominent spheres as the main visual element. In the new design, these acted as a cue to creating the brand’s new visual language. The spheres were flattened and transformed into circles that, with the aid of a vibrant colour palette, gave a new depth and dynamism to the brand’s look and feel that is full of contrasts: clean and playful; geometric and full of motion; minimal and expressive.