Wenner Bakery:
Rebranding New York’s
Prime Frozen Dough

What we did

Visual Identity



Art Direction

Born in 1956 in Queens, New York, Wenner Bakery produces and delivers a wide range of frozen bakery products across the USA. In 2015, Europastry acquired the majority of Wenner Bakery to support the expansion of the business in North America. This change in the company was the perfect opportunity to update their brand identity, which had not been modified for years.

Our task was to design a new brand that captures Wenner’s history and tradition and blends it with Europastry’s vision and group values.

As everything related with Europastry, tradition and innovation are always pivotal elements that define a line of work that guides our creative processes. These two concepts resonate in the final result of this process, allowing a natural coexistence of the new brand in Europastry’s brands ecosystem.