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meaningful cosmetic brand

for the digital age

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We were approached by a new brand of cosmetic products made with organic ingredients and a powerful philosophy. A brand that puts into practice what M. Scofield said, “be the change you want to see in the world”. 

We had the challenge of creating everything related with this new project from scratch: from brand strategy to brand design, including the name, visual and verbal identity, packaging, content and website creation.

The brand’s name takes its cue from the idea that changes need to be addressed in the present, not postponed for better times. So Today is a name, but also an attitude and a message to the world. 

Today’s visual and verbal identity is also deeply related with the brand’s philosophy: honest, direct, simple and just a little poetic. Because Today believes that the world can be a better place and things should start with people feeling better about themselves. Because, if not Today, then when?