A brand that encapsulates
the quintessence of
Portuguese pastry tradition

What we did

Brand Strategy

Brand Platform

Visual Identity



Tone of Voice



Art Direction


Saudade is a brand born from the idea of ​​recovering the Portuguese pastry tradition, rescuing its origins and experiencing the Portuguese culture through its baked goods and pastry recipes. 

Europastry asked us to work on the creation and development of a brand for this Portuguese inspired range of baked products they were about to launch.

Portugal has a vast pastry tradition that goes way beyond the famous Pastéis de Nata. Sweet, rich in flavour, intense in aromas, with flaky dough, Portuguese delicacies are an important part of their culture.  And Portugal’s culture and tradition of embracing pastries for centuries, was the main driver in developing the brand strategy. 

The scope of the project involved the complete roll-out of the brand, from strategy to implementation, including naming, the brand platform, visual identity, verbal identity, tone of voice, packaging and art direction.

From its name (Saudade, a word without an exact translation for a type of nostalgia) to its visual identity, this brand is a homage to Portugal’s cultural heritage. We wanted to shine a light on not just how these products are made following a traditional and artisanal approach, but also how the care taken in their creation makes them unique and delicious.