Saint Honoré:
Baking a brand 

that blends history 
and the future of bread

What we did

Brand Strategy

Brand Platform

Visual Identity



Tone of Voice



Art Direction


We were approached by Europastry to develop a brand for the most perfect bread product created by the company to date. Europastry is a leader in the frozen dough industry, but as a company is deeply rooted in traditional baking. 

Working on how to focus this new brand, we realised that this wasn’t just a product, but a tribute by the company to the traditional baker’s craft, which inspired the creation of the product range. It also pays homage to the company’s founder, Pere Gallés, a true visionary and a passionate expert in baking.

Saint Honoré (the patron saint of bakers) is a brand that is proud of the past but also embraces innovation, looking to continue with a legacy to evolve baking. 

With these elements in mind, we set the guidelines for the brand strategy, which served as a focal point for the creation of the brand platform, visual identity, logo, photographic style and packaging design. This was complemented by the verbal identity and creation of the brand’s key messages.

The Saint Honoré brand expresses the company’s respect for its founder’s vision and its love for traditional baking processes where caring for the details is the only way to achieve the highest quality. 

Best Awards 17. Best Branding. Corporate Identity. Alimentación. Plata
Wina Festival 17. Design / Branding Restauración
Photography: Mireia Rodríguez

Saint Honoré is a tribute to bread and its tradition. Is returning to the origins and to what’s most basic and important: The ingredients, the craftsmanship and the time. Saint Honoré is also a tribute to the company’s history, to its founder, Pere Gallés, and to his legacy. Combining tradition and innovation, this is the best product Europastry has developed.

Saint Honoré’s brand expresses the company ́s respect for its founder’s vision and the love for traditional bakery processes where the care for details is the only way to achieve the highest quality. 

In a brand where the quality of the product is such a relevant aspect of its identity, the product itself is the star. For Saint Honoré, showing the details, texture, and close-ups of all the imperfections that make the bread just perfect, is the best way to build a meaningful discourse for a truly honest brand.

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