Shipping containers 
and pop culture come together 
to create a refreshing 
hotel brand

What we did

Visual identity


Photographic Style


The hospitality and leisure industry is always ready to absorb new and exciting ideas that emerge from other sectors. Culture, art, gastronomy and architecture are big sources of inspiration for the development of new and ground-breaking projects, and Ikonik hotels is one of these.

Hotusa Hotels partnered with Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados to create a new hotel concept. Built with modified ship containers, these modular hotels are bold and basic at the same time, allowing for a playful attitude in terms of brand identity and communication.

We were approached by Hotusa Hotels to design the brand identity for its new hotel chain named Ikonik, developing all the elements of the visual identity and the basic outlines of their brand communication. 

Laus. Identidad Gran Empresa. “Ikonik Hotels”
Laus. Logotipo. “Ikonik Hotels”

For greater impact, our proposal was to contrast the industrial look of the containers with a colourful and informal visual proposal.

The characteristic shape of the container was the starting point for the development of Ikonik’s graphics. Its three-dimensionality is the axis around which the graphic elements are subtly linked.