Glenwell Group: 
Redefining the brand 
of a prime UK 
real estate company

What we did

Brand Strategy

Communication Strategy

Brand Design



Tone of Voice


Glenwell is a real estate development group based in London that also works in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal. Their philosophy and vision as a company is deeply related to innovation, with an eye on the present and another on the future.

In order to reflect their innovative and forward-thinking spirit, we were asked to work on their brand strategy, creating a new visual and verbal identity, developing a new logo, look and feel, key messages, copywriting and website. 

The resulting brand concept highlights the ideas of added value, dynamism and transformation, three of the terms that, together with innovation, best describe Glenwell’s approach to projects.   

The idea of growth is implied through the logo in a delicate way, setting a generally subtle and meaningful tone to the new identity, shaking off some of the clichés of the real estate business that Glenwell didn’t feel associated with.

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