Strategy, identity
and UX/UI for the next generation
of cosmetic medical devices

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After more than 30 years as a leader in the medical cosmetic industry, Mesoestetic created a medical device that revolutionised the market. Merging two technologies and combining them with new products to enhance results, it developed a system with spectacular results.

Our involvement in the project included a first phase where we developed the name for the new technology and the name and visual identity of the medical device. The minimal and rational identity of Mesoestetic marked the visual path that Genesis would follow, which was applied in pieces as diverse as the packaging, the website and the user interface.

The second stage of our participation in the project was the design of the interface for the medical device. The main challenge was to optimise the user experience, simplifying the machine’s software interface to make it user-friendly for the professionals who work with it.

The last stage of the project involved the communication campaign for the launch of the medical device.

The quality and innovative approach of Genesis is perceived from the outset. The unboxing experience is designed in detail to ensure that the user’s relationship with the medical device gets off to a good start.