Rebranding one of Spain’s

top real estate corporations

What we did

Digital strategy

Visual Identity


Interior & Environmental

Art direction


Founded in 1946 and with a market value of more than €7,500 million, Spanish multinational Colonial is a leading corporation in the Eurozone’s quality office space market.  

We were approached to redesign Colonial’s brand to effectively communicate the company’s leading position in terms of character, vision and performance. Updating such a solid and dynamic identity could have posed a challenge, but we were successful in translating its main attributes and values into a new brand able to connect with both its external and internal audiences, acting as a vehicle for organizational change.   

Our approach focused on capturing the company’s multidimensional profile with the concepts of growth and flexibility as our main guides, creating a bold and timeless visual language that conveys the company’s values in a multi-platform context.

Interior & Environmental: Intsight
Website development: RunRoom
Photography: Olga Planas

A shift in the company’s identity required a broad rethink, which began with the design of a clear strategy to develop and implement the change effectively, to ensure it was properly understood and internalized by its brand’s key stakeholders. The company’s new logo was just the tip of the iceberg, in a 360º project that included the visual and verbal identity, tone of voice, brand communications, digital branding, website and interior design, with the redesign of their Barcelona and Madrid headquarters in collaboration with Intsight.

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